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Honor of Kings Postponed Guan Yu's New Skin amid a Debate on Unsafe Riding

By Weilin Li
Apr. 30, 2022 updated 01:00

An Honor of King's announcement said today the release of Guan Yu's new skin, where he rides a giant motorcycle with a bladed weapon and without a helmet, will be postponed. The planned date for the release is April 30.

The announcement of the postponement.The announcement of the postponement.

The new skin was announced just three days ago with a fancy promotional video where the blade weapon and shadow were themed, where Guan Yu's famous horse was replaced by a motorcycle.

But shortly after that, some Chinese fans recalled that Guan Yu didn't wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle with a single hand, violating the public transport safety code.

Some fans sent complaint letters to government agencies, stating that "The gameplay involves knocking into people while driving, which may cause some people to follow this dangerous behavior."

"I hope the Ministry of Culture will rectify this and instruct Tencent to guide people and let them drive with both hands and a helmet."

The screenshot of the report letter on Honor of Kings.The screenshot of the report letter on Honor of Kings.

Another reason for the outburst of dissatisfaction could be the skin's pricing and related lottery event. Tencent didn't state a reason for this postponement and just said that the new release date will be notified in the future.