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Smuggler Caught Using Electric Scooter to Smuggle Hard Drviers

By Xueyang
Mar. 19, 2023 updated 11:21

Recently, Qingmao Customs, a subsidiary of Gongbei Customs, seized a passenger who attempted to enter the country with 84 hard drives hidden in an electric scooter through the Zhuhai-Macau Cross-Border Industrial Zone.

The electric scooter used for smugglingThe electric scooter used for smuggling

On March 3 at around 13:00, a Chinese tourist pushed an electric scooter through the "undeclared channel" at the border inspection site of the cross-border industrial zone. The nervous behavior of the passenger caught the attention of the customs officer on duty, who then guided the passenger to have the electric scooter inspected by machine. The machine images showed an unidentified object in the front bumper of the electric scooter. After dismantling the bumper, 84 Kingston solid-state hard drives were found hidden inside the axle tube. The case is currently being handled according to regulations.

Officers taking evidenceOfficers taking evidence

According to Chinese relevant regulations, anyone who attempts to evade customs supervision by hiding, disguising, concealing, or other means, transporting, carrying, or mailing goods or items that are prohibited or restricted by the country from entering or leaving the country, or goods or items that are subject to tax according to law, constitutes smuggling. If the circumstances are serious, it constitutes a crime and the offender will be held criminally responsible in accordance with the law.

A demonstration of smuggled goodsA demonstration of smuggled goods