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New Live-Action Street Fighter Movie in Production

Legendary Entertainment has acquired the rights and is handling the project
By CaesarZX
Apr. 4, 2023 updated 10:30

Legendary Entertainment has announced that it is producing a new feature-length live-action movie of Street Fighter, which is developed by Capcom.

Two Street Fighter movies were previously produced in 1994 and 2009, and now it's the time to continue its glory.

The 1994 Street Fighter filmThe 1994 Street Fighter film

According to overseas media reports, Legendary Entertainment has announced that it has acquired the live-action adaptation rights for the Street Fighter series of movies and dramas, and all projects handled by the company will be co-developed with Capcom. However, no details about the movie have been revealed yet.

Street Fighter has been around for decades and originated as a 2D fighting game in 1987 for arcades. The series has come a long way since then, and its latest installment, Street Fighter 6, is set to be released on June 2.

Source: 電ファミニコゲーマー

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