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Mundfish is Giving Away an Exclusive Custom Xbox Series X Designed as NORA

By Xueyang
Apr. 8, 2023 updated 04:43

If you still haven't heard of NORA, you will probably need quite a few catch-ups with the video game community. NORA is a character featured in Atomic Heart. She is an AI vending machine that allows P-3, the protagonist, to craft weapons, ammunition, and upgrades. 

NORA is implied to previously be a human who made contact with Neuro-Polymer and transferred her consciousness in multiple vending machines, however, the process caused her to become extremely aroused. The special charisma she got also gained love from players worldwide.

Recently, Mundsifsh founder and CEO Robert Bagratuni tweeted a unique Xbox Series X designed as our beloved NORA:

In addition, Mundfish will be giving away this one-of-a-kind handcrafted NORA-themed XSX! If you are interested, go apply for it now!

Source: Twitter