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LPL Spring 2023: BLG Advanced to the Finals with a 3:2 Victory Over EDG

By Weilin Li
Apr. 12, 2023 updated 04:20

Yesterday, the Lower Bracket Finals for the LPL Spring Playoffs 2023 featured BLG and EDG in a grueling five-game match, ultimately resulting in BLG's 3:2 victory. With this triumph, BLG secured their spot in the Finals and earned a ticket to the MSI 2023.

In game one of the match, BLG gained early advantages in both the top and bot lanes. Twenty-one minutes in, BLG Elk on Xayah dealt significant damage and managed a quadra kill, which allowed his team to secure a crucial Dragon. BLG then maintained their momentum and earned a well-deserved victory in the first round.

In game one, at 21 minutes, BLG Elk on Xayah secured an incredible quadra kill.In game one, at 21 minutes, BLG Elk on Xayah secured an incredible quadra kill.

The second game of the match started with both teams evenly matched. But EDG FoFo helped his team to gain the upper hand in two critical team fights. As the game progressed, EDG's item builds became more refined, giving them a significant advantage over their opponents and leading them to victory in this round.

In game three, BLG Bin defeated EDG Ale in a 1v1, giving BLG an advantage in the top lane. At the 25-minute mark, EDG attempted to secure Baron but instead lost three of their champions. BLG then killed Baron and ultimately won the round.

In game four, in the mid-game, EDG Ale on Jax performed remarkably, helping his team to kill Baron. However, at the 29-minute mark, although BLG managed to kill Baron, they lost four of their champions while only killing one member from EDG. In the end, EDG emerged victorious, bringing the match to a tie of 2:2.

In the decisive last round, both teams played cautiously. But at 22 minutes, EDG Ale managed to secure a penta kill. Despite his impressive performance, he was quickly eliminated in a subsequent team fight, giving the advantage back to BLG. In the final team fight at 31 minutes, BLG Elk playing as Jinx, achieved a triple kill, leading BLG to secure both the game and the match.

BLG is now set to face JDG in the highly anticipated Finals, which will take place on Saturday, April 15th.

Schedule for the LPL Spring Playoffs 2023Schedule for the LPL Spring Playoffs 2023