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KPL Spring 2023: DRG Eliminated eStarPro 4:3 in the Playoffs

By Weilin Li
May. 4, 2023 updated 05:05

The KPL Playoffs are currently underway, with only five teams remaining out of the original 10. One team that has been the center of attention is eStarPro, but unfortunately, they were knocked out in the third round of the Lower Bracket. In a closely contested match, eStarPro was defeated yesterday by DRG 4:3.

In detail, in game one of the match, eStarPro had an initial advantage, but DRG quickly turned the tables. Following that, both sides fought tooth and nail for the win. However, in the end, DRG emerged victorious, securing a hard-earned victory in this round.

The second game of the match was dominated by DRG, who had an obvious advantage from the start and maintained their lead throughout the game. In the end, DRG won a comfortable victory.

Despite their losses in the first two games, eStarPro did not give up and came back strong in game three. With the excellent performance by eStarPro ZiYang on Zhang Fei, they were able to turn the tide in their favor and secure a victory.

In the fourth and fifth games, eStarPro maintained their momentum and secured two consecutive victories. As a result, they reached match point with a score of 3:2.

In game six, DRG Peng made a remarkable play by securing a triple kill at 10 minutes.In game six, DRG Peng made a remarkable play by securing a triple kill at 10 minutes.

In game six, the decisive fight took place just before the 20-minute mark. DRG Mlan, playing as Alessio, took out three members of eStarPro, which crucially allowed his team to take the win in this round.

In the final match-deciding game, DRG gained the upper hand by selecting Xiahou Dun as their Jungler, a rare but impactful decision that paid off handsomely. This strategic move proved to be highly effective, ultimately leading DRG to victory over eStarPro and securing their spot in the Semifinals of the Lower Bracket.

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