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PlayStation China Hero Project Phase 3 Revealed 3 New Games

By Xueyang
May. 26, 2023 updated 01:05

PlayStation China Hero Project Phase 3 announced three new games at Sony Expo 2023!


And they are:

  • AWAKEN - Astral Blade
  • Will-less

AWAKEN - Astral Blade is a sci-fi platformer with a fairytale style.

Loretta, a girl who has been parasitized by an alien beast, tries to break through the fog and uncover the truth about her fate.

Will-less is a cyberpunk roguelike action dungeon crawler.

As a member of the committee, you will dive into cyberspace and steal secrets from your targets' minds.

Exiledge is a next-gen third-person shooter.

Play as a mysterious young adventurer and engage in battles where enemies lurk in the shadows on a post-apocalyptic planet.

Source: YouTube