miHoYo announced New Title Honkai: Star Rail, Closed Beta Starts This Week

miHoYo, The developer of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact is creating a new game within its Honkai Impact universe. At Honkai Impact's 3rd-anniversary celebration, the Starfire Sonorant concert, miHoYo revealed the new title Honkai: Star Rail with a concept image and a slogan that says ‘May This Journey Lead us Starward’. MiHoYo also promised that the game will open its first closed beta sign-up on October 8th.

Not much detailed information was given yet, but according to Siliconera, the developers hinted that the new title could be a significant departure from their previous works.

On Chinese media, some speculated that the game would be a 3DJRPG game with trading card fighting mechanics. A leaked video was also uploaded on YouTube, which indicated the game might follow a turn-based system.

 The game will most likely follow the storyline and the art direction of the earlier Honkai Impact works, where the gamers can interact with familiar characters.

 MiHoYo has created the official account for Honkai: Star Rail across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Although little information is given so far, gamers can expect to see more details as the closed beta sign-up approaches

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