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Only 8 Days Until Sanfu Release

By Xueyang
Jul. 21, 2023 updated 02:18


With only eight days left until the release of the highly anticipated Sanfu, publisher Gamera Games has already started promoting it on Weibo, generating excitement among fans.

According to the announcement, Sanfu will be priced at 45 CNY with 10% off during the first week. Furthermore, Gamera Games will also provide a "Sanfu + Firework" Bundle with an extra 10% off (Sanfu will become 36.45 CNY).

Shiying Studio's Sanfu has been generating a lot of buzz among players, thanks to the immense popularity of their previous title, Firework. Moonlight Cockroach, the producer, asserts that while Sanfu is a sequel to Firework, it cannot be simply categorized as a horror game. Instead, it focuses on suspense and thriller elements, allowing players to interpret and evaluate its level of horror based on their own criteria.

Regrettably, the game's initial release will not include an English version, but discussions are currently underway regarding its development and pre-release. Sanfu is crafted using RPG MAKER and will not support the Mac system, although there is optimism for potential Switch compatibility.

Source: Weibo