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Street Fighter Tournament Host Forgets to Turn Off His Nude Mod

By Xueyang
Aug. 1, 2023 updated 04:11

CAPCOM's latest installment in their classic fighting game series, "Street Fighter 6," has been met with resounding acclaim from players and has also achieved impressive sales figures. Official statistics reveal that the game has sold over 2 million copies worldwide as of July, effectively doubling its sales within a month.

As the game begins to make its mark in the esports industry, players have taken to creating various mods for the game. However, a recent incident during a "Street Fighter" esports event has put the organizers at risk of facing a permanent ban from the Twitch platform.

Chun-Li vs. Kimberly
Chun-Li vs. Kimberly

On July 31st, Corner2Corner, a tournament spanning Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, held its third online event for "Street Fighter 6." Unexpectedly, during the match between players Lensta and Packz, the live stream was abruptly interrupted when one of the players accidentally activated a mod that featured a nude version of Chun-Li, a prominent character in the game. As a result, the match had to continue without being broadcasted.

Shortly after the first round began, the naked Chun-Li appeared on the screen, leaving the commentators in an awkward position as they attempted to navigate the situation. Fortunately, the match did not last long, and the game footage was swiftly switched back to the tournament schedule.

However, the VOD recording of this incident has been completely removed in accordance with Twitch's platform guidelines. Alongside explicitly prohibiting certain games, Twitch also disallows the use of customized games or visual modifications that feature nudity or sexual content during broadcasts of permitted games. This extends to update files that bypass content restrictions. Consequently, the Corner2Corner channel may face penalties and potential suspension.

Nonetheless, as of now, the Corner2Corner channel remains active, and the tournament continues to run smoothly. The response from Twitch regarding this incident is yet to be seen.

Source: Twitter