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Genshin Impact 2.3 Leaks: The 5-star Arataki Itto is Coming to the Game

By Isabella Jiangcheng
Oct. 8, 2021 updated 03:14

With only a few days until Genshin Impact fans get to explore the anticipated 2.2 update, leaks of the 2.3 update have already circulated the internet like wildfire. The leaks from UBatcha, one of the most popular leakers for gacha games, have indicated that the 2.3 update will add two new characters to the story.

According to Ubatcha, the 4-star Gorou and the 5-star Arataki Itto will arrive in the game this November in the 2.3 update. Players have been awaiting the arrival of these two for quite some time, and now it seems that they can finally meet the community.

More information is focusing on the details of the latest 5-star character Itto. The leaks indicate that Itto will be a Geo Claymore character who has a tall, large, and very masculine build, while also sporting two horns. This is an interesting leak because the game has not released a male character for a long period, with only one of the last 10 characters being male. UBatcha also predicted that the ratio between female and male characters will become more balanced in the coming updates. It is also rumored that Itto will have a signature weapon. The item ‘The Other Side', which was leaked in the pre-1.0 update, could be featured in the 2.3 update again, but the reliability of this particular leak is weak.


Details of Itto’s character designs are circulating in the community

UBatcha also revealed that two skins are in development, and there is the slight possibility that both would be released in the 2.3 update – a paid Keqing skin and a free Ningguang skin.

The 2.2 update will be released on Oct 13th, which likely means that the 2.3 update will be released around Nov 24th. The beta testing for the 2.3 update has not started yet.