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China Dominates Global Gaming Market: A Comprehensive Analysis of PC, Mobile, and Console Gaming in 2022

By Xueyang
Aug. 22, 2023 updated 05:07

China’s gaming industry reached new heights in 2022, with a reported total revenue of 45.5 billion USD across PC, mobile, and console gaming, according to the latest findings by the Asian gaming market research firm Niko Partners.

In the realm of PC gaming, China maintained its position as the largest market worldwide, generating 14.2 billion USD, a sum constituting one-third of the entire global PC gaming revenue.

via Nikovia Niko Partners

The mobile gaming segment saw 31% of Chinese players' total game expenditure funneled into this growing sector. A robust 30.1 billion USD revenue was reported, making China the global leader in this field with 31.7% of worldwide mobile gaming revenue.

via Niko Parntersvia Niko Partners

Though smaller in comparison, China's console gaming is not to be overlooked. Totaling 2.29 billion USD in revenue for 2022, this included hardware revenue of $1.109 billion and software revenue of 1.182 billion USD. With a 7.8% increase from the previous year and a player base expanding to 16.7 million, the console segment showed promising growth.

via Niko Partnersvia Niko Partners

The report acknowledged supply chain issues hindering console market growth but projected 2023 as a peak year for console hardware sales. Further growth is anticipated, with the console market forecasted to reach 2.48 billion USD by 2027.

Chinese gaming giants Tencent and NetEase continued to hold sway in 2022, commanding 61% of domestic PC gaming revenue. However, this dominance saw a slight dip compared to 2021, signaling the emergence of new competitors.

Tencent & NetEase GamesTencent & NetEase Games

Niko Partners' future outlook is optimistic, with projections for China’s total gaming market revenue to hit 57 billion USD by 2027, and the number of gamers expected to surge to 730 million. This comprehensive analysis underscores China's powerful presence in the global gaming landscape, with continued growth and innovation anticipated in the years to come.