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Afterimage, a Unique Chinese Art Style Metrovania Surpasses 500% Crowdfunding Goal

By Cecil Gao
Apr. 22, 2022 updated 02:00

On April 7th, 2022, Aurogon, the Chinese video game developer known for developing the Sword of Legends series, run a very successful crowdfunding campaign on social media platforms for their new game Afterimage.

Afterimage tells the story of Renee, a young girl who lost her memory during a war between humans and the giants, exploring a vast continent called ENGARDIN. In this fantasy world created by ancient gods, players are free to explore, challenge multiple types of enemies, make friends to reveal their mission and secrets.

The game uses a fragmented backtracking narrative where players can gain new abilities after finishing certain maps and then explore the previous area again to find new items and plot-related props. Combining different items, Renee's lost memories and the plot of the game about the war between humans and giants will emerge little by little.

Same as traditional Metroidvania games, Afterimage has a large number of weapons, treasure chests, and skills hidden in various corners of the map, which players can obtain by exploring the map, defeating bosses, completing quests, and so on. Each weapon also has different derivative skills and combinations can be freely explored.

With the experience of developing the Sword of Legends series, Aurogon has adopted a combination of pixel and hand-drawn art style, players will no longer miss the beautiful scenery carefully designed by developers because of the overly simple pixel style, nor will they experience the interesting and concise combat system because of the complexity of hand-drawing.

For this crowdfunding, Aurogon has set five levels of amount, players can get different in-game props rewards according to the money they donated, players who choose the highest level of funding can also be invited to visit the Aurogon studio in Shanghai.

Aurogon's crowdfunding goal is $9,000, and so far they've raised more than $45,000. Aurogon says it will prepare a special reward for all participants when the game goes on sale on Steam in October 2022.

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