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Afterimage's DLC 'Trial of Soul' is Now Available on Steam for FREE

By Xueyang
Jul. 2, 2023 updated 04:21

Afterimage, a 2D Metroidvania action-adventure RPG, has recently released its free DLC 'Trials of Soul,' which is now available on Steam.

The newly released free DLC offers players an extra game mode where they can challenge various bosses or boss combinations. By defeating these bosses, players can unlock brand-new outfits for the protagonist, Renee, to use in both the Trial of Soul Mode and Story Mode. The DLC also includes additional features such as map icons for NPCs, an Achievement interface, an Echo interface, and options for font size and controller type. The patch notes also mention various adjustments and bug fixes to enhance gameplay and address issues reported by players.

The Afterimage team will be hosting a Reddit AMA to answer any questions and gather feedback from the community.

Source: Steam