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Mercury Abbey: A Mystery Adventure with a Distinctive Pixel Art Style

By ChOzen
Apr. 22, 2022 updated 12:50

Mercury Abbey has been one of the highly anticipated indie games from China in recent years. Partly because of the distinctive pixel art style inherited from Tales of Neon Sea, partly because of the relatively rare anthropomorphic animal characters (often associated with the furry fandom). The demo of the game has just been released on Steam. There isn’t much content available in the demo, but what is there is exciting and shows a lot of potential.

Harold and His Cute Nephew WillieHarold and His Cute Nephew Willie

The demo tells the story of Harold, a novel writer who, by chance, brings his nephew Willie to the Mercury Abbey. Originally intending to relax and rest, the two unexpectedly discover a series of bizarre things happening in the mysterious abbey up on the mountain.

Character of HaroldCharacter of Harold

The city is filled with charmingly designed furry characters. The game slowly pulls the player into a mysterious fantasy story with a combination of distinctive pixel art and more cartoonish characters.

American Comic-style 2D ArtAmerican Comic-style 2D Art

Despite the demo being not very long, there are many things to collect, mostly pieces of lore like character information, legends, pictures and gossip. Harold’s nephew Willy is also playable in certain scenarios, and his different gameplay will be the key to solving puzzles.

The Game Scenes are BeautifulThe Game Scenes are Beautiful

If you are into puzzle games with a good story, Mercury Abby is a promising entry to look out for.

Find the demo here on Steam

Source: Weibo