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Tower of Fantasy 3.2 Update Lands on PlayStation with New Features and Free Pulls

By Xueyang
Sep. 5, 2023 updated 07:36

Tower of Fantasy Ver 3.2Tower of Fantasy Ver 3.2

Today marks a monumental day for Tower of Fantasy fans as its much-awaited 3.2 update lands on PlayStation. Published by Perfect World Games, this update brings a host of new features designed to elevate your gaming experience. The centerpiece of this update is a fresh map called Joltville, featuring unique regions filled with hidden gems and even adorable pandas for player interaction.

The spotlight also falls on Huang, a new character with robust responsibilities and unique abilities. Her weapon of choice, the Volt weapon "Azure Dragon," complements her power set, enhancing her combat prowess. As an extra flair, players can outfit her in "Serene Grove" Haute Couture from September 12, offering exclusive skill effects.

Tailored specifically for PlayStation users, the game now offers enhanced cursor speed and mission-tracking functionality. Alongside these refinements, the communication wheel has also received some tweaks for a smoother user experience. Additionally, players have the chance to confront a menacing new world boss, "Darkness·Tao Tie," a formidable creature with devastating attacks.

What’s more, earn up to 73 free pulls by participating in version events and Twitch Drops. Players can explore the Joltville map via a unique method of traversal—The Blade of Azure, unlocked through specific tasks. A slew of exciting events is also on the horizon, including "An Extended Summer," which will offer limited edition items and vehicles.

Eager to dive into this realm of fresh content and gameplay improvements? Then gear up and set forth on your next adventure in Tower of Fantasy Version 3.2. Be sure to check out the trailer for a closer look at what awaits.