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Featured Cosplay EP17: K/DA From League of Legends

By ChOzen
Apr. 22, 2022 updated 07:00

Feel the dazzling SPOTLIGHT!

K/DA burst onto the POP music with their chart-topping single POP/STARS and numerous hits afterwards, redefining the concept of video game characters. K/DA fans can never get enough of their iconoclastic talents, and today we have some wonderful K/DA cosplay for you.

K/DA Cosplay 1

Ahri: Gyani_cos
Kai’Sa: st_cos0o0
Akali: HansongE_cos
Evelynn: getget_cos
Seraphine: lanha01
Photographer: ether_photo
Source: Twitter

K/DA Cosplay


K/DA Cosplay

K/DA Cosplay 2 

Ahri: Narga
Photographer: kmitenkova
Source: Twitter

Arhi CosplayArhi Cosplay

K/DA Cosplay 3

Evelynn: み
Photographer: Judy
Source: Twitter

Evelynn CosplayEvelynn Cosplay

K/DA Cosplay 4 

Ahri: -羊大真人-
Kai'Sa: 瞥瞥是Fiora嘛_
Akali: DuA_织沐
Evelynn: -帝玥-
Seraphine: 不想醒了o
Photographer: 白山支
Source: Weibo

K/DA CosplayK/DA Cosplay