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Significant Price Hike for Hogwarts Legacy on Steam and Epic Stores in Multiple Low Price Regions

By Xueyang
Sep. 9, 2023 updated 12:57

Fans from all over the world of the fantasy RPG Hogwarts Legacy were caught off guard as the game's prices on Steam and Epic Games soared recently. The standard edition, initially priced at 298 CNY in the Chinese Region, now costs 384 CNY. Meanwhile, the deluxe version jumped from 338 CNY to 446 CNY —a nearly 30% price hike. Intriguingly, this increase appears confined to specific regions known for their lower pricing, including a noticeable bump in Argentina's local pricing to 8999 ARS.

Current price for Hogwarts Legacy in low-price regionsCurrent price for Hogwarts Legacy in low-price regions

The spike has certainly stirred the pot among worldwide gamers and commentators. In a market often heralded for its relatively friendly pricing, the new cost sets a higher entry barrier for would-be players. As of now, there's been radio silence from the publishers on the reasons behind this price bump.

A Reddit thread about the price hike has been removedA Reddit thread about the price hike has been removed

In the global gaming sphere, it's not uncommon for prices to fluctuate due to a myriad of factors like the local economy, currency rates, and more. Yet, this sudden surge, without any accompanying official statement, puts a cloud over the game's future market performance in China.

For players who were holding out for a sale or had budgeted based on the original pricing, this could be a game-changer—literally. The industry and gaming community alike are keeping their eyes peeled for any updates or explanations for this unexpected move.

Source: SteamDB