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Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch Faces Storage Challenges Ahead of Release

By Xueyang
Nov. 8, 2023 updated 01:02

The eagerly awaited Hogwarts Legacy is poised to enchant Nintendo Switch users soon, but the game’s significant storage demands are casting a shadow over the excitement. The title, which made its initial debut on PC and other consoles in February 2023, requires a hefty day-one patch that could compel players to clear out other games to make room.

With the Switch's default 32 GB storage, Hogwarts Legacy is set to occupy nearly half of that capacity. The game itself takes up approximately 7 GB, significantly less than its PC counterpart’s 73 GB. However, the mandatory patch on release will demand an additional 8 GB, totaling about 15 GB. Considering the Switch's operating system also requires space, the storage squeeze is tight.

Hogwarts Legacy - NS FootageHogwarts Legacy - NS Footage

Nintendo Switch owners looking forward to the wizarding world must navigate this digital quandary—either by offloading other games or by expanding their console's memory with a microSD card. This latter solution not only facilitates the installation of Hogwarts Legacy but also provides players with the flexibility to manage a more extensive game library without the need for constant reinstallations.

This situation highlights a growing concern in the gaming community regarding the adequacy of built-in console storage, particularly as game file sizes continue to expand. As anticipation builds for Hogwarts Legacy and potential future sequels, players and industry insiders alike hope the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch—or its successor—will boast a larger default storage capacity to better accommodate the evolving landscape of console gaming.

Source: Weibo