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Contra: Operation Galuga Aims to Revitalize Classic Run-'n'-Gun Action on Steam

By Xueyang
Sep. 16, 2023 updated 02:27

The iconic Contra series is making a spectacular comeback with its latest installment, "Contra: Operation Galuga," which is now featured on Steam. This isn't just another sequel; it's a full-blown reimagining of the 1980s run-'n'-gun classic that many of us grew up with. What makes this version stand out are the significant modern upgrades—think along the lines of revamped graphics, enhanced sound, and new gameplay mechanics, all packaged neatly to cater to both nostalgic fans and newcomers.

Contra: Operation Galuga - ScreenshotContra: Operation Galuga - Screenshot

Set on the Galuga Islands near New Zealand, the narrative revolves around elite commandos Bill Rizer and Lance Bean taking on the Red Falcon terrorist group. The story provides a backdrop for relentless action sequences that can be experienced in co-op, supporting two players in Story Mode and up to four in Arcade Mode.

Contra: Operation Galuga - ScreenshotContra: Operation Galuga - Screenshot

The game promises eight meticulously crafted levels to traverse—jungle, waterfall, and even a hovercycle chase through an enemy base. To tackle the escalating threats, players have access to a variety of weapons, from the classic spread shot and laser to new stackable upgrades and Overload abilities. Epic boss battles, which have always been a Contra hallmark, are also back, but expect them to be even more challenging and visually striking.

Contra: Operation Galuga - ScreenshotContra: Operation Galuga - Screenshot

Multiple difficulty settings and additional challenges add a layer of replayability. Whether you're dodging bullets alone or coordinating with friends, "Contra: Operation Galuga" aims to be an action-packed experience that will make you yearn for "just one more round."

With the Steam page live, the excitement is palpable. The game is setting the stage to revitalize the Contra legacy for a whole new generation of gamers.