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Unity Offices Closed Following Employee Death Threat

By Xueyang
Sep. 16, 2023 updated 09:52

Unity Offices Closed Following Employee Death ThreatUnity Offices Closed Following Employee Death Threat

Unity, the San Francisco-based game development company, temporarily closed its offices on Thursday following a social media death threat allegedly made by an employee. The firm confirmed that it was alerted to a "potential threat" on Thursday morning, leading to immediate action to secure the safety of its workforce. Offices in both San Francisco and Austin were closed, with plans for the San Francisco location to remain shut on Friday.

The San Francisco police indicated that the individual behind the alleged threat is a Unity employee currently out of state, complicating efforts to file a report. Unity is known for its game engine, which powers popular titles like Pokémon Go, Genshin Impact, and Cuphead, making it a favorite among smaller and indie developers.

Earlier this week, Unity stirred controversy by altering its pricing structure, adding a new fee that game developers have to pay once downloads reach certain numbers. The decision was widely criticized by both the developer community and players, who argue it could adversely affect indie game development.

Unity has not confirmed if the threat is related to the new fee introduction. A company-wide meeting led by CEO John Riccitiello was also called off due to security concerns, as initially reported by Bloomberg.

Source: Bloomberg