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IronSource Founders Transition to Non-Executive Roles at Unity

By Xueyang
Jan. 14, 2024 updated 03:18

IronSource Founders Transition to Non-Executive Roles at UnityIronSource Founders Transition to Non-Executive Roles at Unity

Unity is undergoing significant changes with six founders of IronSource transitioning out of their executive roles as part of a company-wide restructuring plan. This adjustment will see these key figures, including CEO Tomer Bar-Zeev, shifting to non-executive positions while continuing their employment for a six-month period to facilitate a smooth transition.

This strategic move was detailed in a recent SEC filing, reported by, highlighting the mutual agreement between Bar-Zeev and Unity on his step down from the CEO position. Alongside Bar-Zeev, IronSource co-founders Eyal Milrad, Omer Kaplan, Tamir Carmi, Arnon Harish, and Assaf Ben-Ami are also leaving their executive posts.

The shift comes in the wake of Unity’s merger with IronSource in November 2022, leading to the formation of Unity Grow Solutions. This new division encompasses a range of products including Unity LevelPlay, ironSource Ads, Unity Ads, Luna from Unity, Supersonic from Unity, and Aura from Unity.

This restructuring, including the executive role changes, follows Unity's recent announcement of layoffs affecting approximately 1,800 positions, as the company reorganizes to align with its future objectives and streamline operations.