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Bo, a Formerly Banned LPL Jungler, Joined Surge Talent Agency

By Weilin Li
Apr. 26, 2022 updated 03:11

The Twitter account of the talent agency Surge released a welcome note for Bo (Zhou Yang Bo) earlier this month. Bo is a former FPX Jungler in the LPL who was banned. His arrival at the Surge suggests that he is likely to join the League of Legends esports teams in Europe and North America.

In April last year, the LPL announced an investigation result and decision for anti-match-fixing, where Bo, the former FPX Jungler, was banned from playing for four months, starting from March 2nd, 2021.

Some Chinese fans were angered by the punishment, feeling it was not heavy enough, but the LPL considered Bo’s behavior and confession and decided against giving him a lifetime ban.

Despite the only four-month suspension, Bo found it difficult to continue competing in the League in China after completing his suspension. FPX didn’t allow him to participate in matches after his scandal, partly because of the many complaints and significant pressure on the Chinese esports stage.

This time, the agency that Bo joined, Surge Management, offers legal and financial services for esports players and is behind the transfers of Rekkles, Bjergsen, Jensen and Bwipo.

Surge’s clients include Rekkles and Bjergsen.Surge’s clients include Rekkles and Bjergsen.

The agency is supposed to have some ties to the esports clubs in Europe and North America, so many fans are guessing that Bo’s next step will be joining a formal team in these areas.

Esports fans hate match-fixing, but unfortunately, it does occur, and it takes the effort of the League, the players and other parties to root it out when it does happen.

Bo was lucky compared to another LPL player. Earlier this month, LGD’s player Jay (Chen Bo) was investigated for match-fixing, resulting in a lifetime ban.