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Unity in the Virtual World: Apex Legends' Community Rallies to Support Player Battling Leukemia

By Xueyang
Oct. 11, 2023 updated 05:36

In a moving demonstration of virtual unity, the Chinese Apex Legends gaming community recently rallied around mumu, a passionate female player who is battling acute myeloid leukemia. Known for her joyous gameplays shared on Douyin—China's TikTok equivalent—mumu had to put her gaming activities on hold when she disclosed her condition in August.

mumu's Douyin before & after her diagonosemumu's Douyin before & after her diagnosis

Initially, mumu's channel was a space where she shared her daily gaming routines, mostly going unnoticed. But once she revealed her illness, her virtual life took a heartwarming twist. Fellow Apex Legends players launched an impromptu support campaign that bridged the gap between the digital realm and real-world empathy.

Players starting in-game campaigns to show supportPlayers starting in-game campaigns to show support

In-game, players initiated a "blood donation" event, stacking in-game medical kits as a symbolic gesture of hope and solidarity. Outside the game, players uploaded videos to spread the word and even collected actual donations to financially assist mumu in her treatment. The comments section under mumu's channel has turned into a hub of uplifting messages from well-wishers.

Player donating money directly ton mumuPlayer donating money directly to mumu

Uplifted by this wave of support, mumu has expressed renewed hope and a commitment to continue her treatments. This heartening story serves as a testament to how online communities, often criticized for fostering divisiveness or detachment, can also be a powerhouse of compassion and unity when it matters the most.