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TSM Triumphs in ALGS 2023; Chinese Teams Make Historic Run

By Xueyang
Sep. 11, 2023 updated 08:35

The APEX Elite League, ALGS 2023, wrapped up in the early hours yesterday, with TSM clinching the championship courtesy of a triple-win strike.

TSM wins championshipTSM wins championship

Initially starting off as dark horses, the Chinese teams DF and MDYW gave eye-catching performances. They came close to the championship trophy in the finals, eventually ranking seventh and eighteenth, respectively—a groundbreaking achievement for Chinese APEX teams.


Superpixel was also on the scene as a correspondent, capturing the progress of the Chinese teams in Birmingham, UK. Alongside local fans, they witnessed this exhilarating chapter. Here's to a promising future for both DF, MDYW, and the whole of CN APEX.

Group Photo Slogan: "Seventh this year, first next year"Group Photo Slogan: "Seventh this year, first next year"

Source: Weibo