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Roblox Announces Return-to-Office Plans with Options for Remote Workers

By Xueyang
Oct. 18, 2023 updated 08:45

Roblox Announces Return-to-Office Plans with Options for Remote WorkersRoblox Announces Return-to-Office Plans with Options for Remote Workers

Roblox, the popular online gaming platform, is preparing for a transition back to in-office work, as outlined in a recent communication to its employees.

In a blog post authored by Roblox's founder and CEO, David Baszucki, the company has informed an unspecified number of its staff to anticipate a return to their San Mateo headquarters by the upcoming summer season.

Remote employees will receive email notifications detailing the specifics of their role's location. They will be presented with two choices: either adopt a three-day in-office schedule (from Tuesday to Thursday) or opt for a severance package. The deadline for making this decision is set for January 16, 2024.

Those who choose to relocate will commence work at the San Mateo offices starting on July 15. For those who opt not to relocate, there will be a transition period lasting three additional months, ending on April 15. During this time, they will phase out of their roles as full-time employees.

Certain employees, such as those involved in data centers, call centers, and moderation, and those with specialized skills or extensive institutional knowledge, may continue in remote positions. However, specific details about who falls under these categories were not provided by Baszucki.

The decision to return to in-person work was not taken lightly, as Baszucki acknowledged the significance of such a move for employees and their families. He emphasized that Roblox, as an innovation-driven company, deemed it necessary to reestablish in-person collaboration.

Baszucki concluded his message by expressing appreciation for the dedication and contributions of all Roblox employees, irrespective of their remote work decisions.

Notably, Roblox had previously made headlines with a recent reduction of approximately 30 employees in its talent acquisition department last month.

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