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Roblox China Undergoes Layoffs in Operational Revamp

By Xueyang
Oct. 26, 2023 updated 11:45

Roblox China Undergoes Layoffs in Operational RevampRoblox China Undergoes Layoffs in Operational Revamp

Roblox China, also known as LuoBu (罗布), has recently faced a wave of layoffs impacting its main base in Shenzhen and associated US teams. The company confirmed to that a total of 15 staff members were released following an internal "evaluation of the operational structure."

The company spokesperson clarified, "These decisions are exclusive to LuoBu, considering its distinct business and operational demands. Other divisions within LuoBu or Roblox remain unaffected."

Reassuring stakeholders, the representative stated the company's unwavering dedication to the LuoBu platform's long-term vision in China.

It's worth noting that Roblox China initiated operations in 2020 after forging a 2019 joint venture with Tencent. This collaboration aimed to develop an educational variant of the popular game. However, the LuoBuLesi app faced challenges and was temporarily removed seven months post-launch for significant modifications. In related news, Roblox had also laid off 30 talent acquisition professionals the previous month in response to evolving hiring requirements.

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