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Nintendo Removes Original Switch Reveal From YouTube Amidst Licensing Rumors

By Xueyang
Oct. 19, 2023 updated 12:41

Nintendo Removes Original Switch Reveal from YouTube Amidst Licensing RumorsNintendo Removes Original Switch Reveal from YouTube Amidst Licensing Rumors

Recently, according to a Reddit user's observation, in a surprising move, Nintendo's original video unveiling the Nintendo Switch has been taken down from their official YouTube channel. The removal, coming seven years after its initial post, has sparked speculations amongst the gaming community. Some believe that the decision could be related to the expiration of the music license used in the video.

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Several observant fans have pointed out that other major outlets, such as GameSpot, have re-uploaded the Switch's reveal. This raises the question: Would these platforms face similar licensing issues?

Further strengthening the licensing theory, it's noted that Nintendo previously removed their Switch Lite and OLED model announcements. Specifically, the Switch Lite's reveal was delisted shortly before the introduction of the Splatoon 3 edition OLED model. Interestingly, while the OLED trailer was later reinstated, the Lite version remains absent.

Adding more fuel to the fire, it's mentioned that the band White Denim, responsible for the trailer's soundtrack, faced challenges with their music publisher concerning licensing. While there's no official confirmation, the current consensus leans towards music licensing as the reason behind Nintendo's decision to pull down the original Switch reveal from YouTube.

Source: Reddit