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Nine Chronicles Expands Horizons: Pre-Registration Begins for Mobile Launch

By Xueyang
Nov. 2, 2023 updated 01:30

South Korean gaming powerhouse, Planetarium, has unveiled pre-registration for the mobile version of its successful MMORPG, Nine Chronicles. This mobile introduction signifies a pivotal shift for Nine Chronicles, aligning with the global trend of mobile gaming proliferation.

While the PC version of Nine Chronicles consistently excelled in monthly active user metrics, this strategic pivot to mobile aims to captivate an even broader audience. The recent statement elucidated, "The accessibility of mobile games means a wider demographic can engage with Nine Chronicles. This inclusivity ensures a richer community where players with varied gaming backgrounds can converge."

By expanding to mobile, Nine Chronicles seeks to solidify its in-game economy and community dynamics. "Transitioning to mobile amplifies the game's reach, elevates its quality, and guarantees longevity," the announcement added, emphasizing the positive repercussions for both gamers and invested parties.

Pioneering the realm of fully-onchain gaming, Nine Chronicles has always stood out. Its commitment to community-driven progression and an open-source model ensures its stature as a mobile gaming trailblazer.

Mobile pre-registration runs from 1st to 20th November. Enthusiasts registering via social platforms will secure NCGs, Whispering Ores, and exclusive event access as perks.

For more details, visit the pre-registration.

Source: YouTube