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100+ Chinese Indie Games Teamed Up and Showcased to the World

By Johnson Ge
May. 3, 2022 updated 06:12

You may have noticed an online event on Steam called “Enter the Dragon”, at the end of April. It was a week-long celebration of the unique and innovative games being developed by studios from across the Greater China region hosted by PixMain. Other publishers like Bilibili, Lightning Games, Yooreka studio, indienova, and Thermite Games participated as well.

 The Chinese indie game scene has blossomed in the past few years. However, due to language barriers, it’s not easy for foreign players to have a chance to see the full scene or communicate with the developers.

 The showcase had more than 100 Chinese Indie games. There were six categories of games, and each of them was represented by a specific color dragon. For example, the red dragon represented the action and shooting games, while the black one was for Horror and Thriller games.

The games covered many themes and genres, from designing and piloting a space battleship to delivering packages as a Jelly. Meanwhile, all the games in the event had decent English localization. Some games like Loopmancer, a cyberpunk rogue-lite action game, had a full English voice acting as well. With these Chinese games, you no longer need to speak the language to enjoy them.

A screenshot from the steam page of Neon Abyss.A screenshot from the steam page of Neon Abyss.

With the event came exclusive new trailers and demo releases, and the publishers also discounted many games and game bundles on Steam. Besides playing the games themselves, there were live streams on Twitch and on the Steam event page, allowing for discussion about game details with streamers or even the developers themselves. 

Developer live streaming was not the only chance to communicate directly with the game developers. Multiple game developers on PixMain’s official Discord channel were invited to a Q&A section, allowing the players to contact the creators directly.

The week-long event has been a blast, and we are looking forward to more showcases like this hosted by Chinese publishers and developers. As the Chinese indie scene grows, how the community is connecting the industry and gamers around the world is fascinating to see.