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"Midnight Ramen": A Narrative Visual Novel Set to Launch Free Demo on Steam

By Xueyang
Dec. 5, 2023 updated 04:35

The upcoming narrative visual novel "Midnight Ramen," developed by Cointinue Games studio, is slated to release a free demo on Steam on December 8. This intriguing game offers players a unique experience combining ramen cooking with deep character interactions.

Midnight Ramen - ScreenshotMidnight Ramen - Screenshot

Set in a late-night ramen stand, players step into the shoes of the stall owner and his apprentice Homura. "Midnight Ramen" is heavily inspired by popular dialogue-driven games like VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action and Coffee Talk. It offers an engaging blend of culinary art and storytelling.

Midnight Ramen - ScreenshotMidnight Ramen - Screenshot

The gameplay revolves around crafting the perfect bowl of ramen to satisfy diverse customer preferences. Players must skillfully mix various broths, noodles, toppings, and seasonings to please each patron. However, the game's essence lies in its interactions with customers. The ramen stand serves as a hub for people burdened not just by hunger but also personal troubles and thoughts. Players engage in conversations with customers, lending an ear to their stories and helping them navigate their challenges.

Midnight Ramen - ScreenshotMidnight Ramen - Screenshot

Yet, the game promises more than just a culinary adventure. It hints at an extraordinary secret underlying what appears to be an ordinary life running a ramen stand. This twist adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, making "Midnight Ramen" more than a simple cooking game.

With its unique concept and engaging gameplay, "Midnight Ramen" is poised to offer a fresh experience to fans of narrative-driven games. The upcoming free demo on Steam will give players a taste of the intriguing world of "Midnight Ramen," combining culinary skills with heartfelt storytelling.