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Baldur's Gate III PS5 Japanese Edition to Censor Adult Content for December Release

By Xueyang
Nov. 8, 2023 updated 12:00

Baldur's Gate III" PS5 Japanese Edition to Censor Adult Content for December ReleaseBaldur's Gate III" PS5 Japanese Edition to Censor Adult Content for December Release

The much-anticipated PS5 Japanese edition of "Baldur's Gate III" is set to hit the shelves on December 21st. Ahead of its release, the publisher has officially announced that all adult-oriented explicit content, particularly those of a sexual nature, as well as certain violent scenes including torture, will be censored in accordance with Japan’s strict content guidelines.

Hailed as one of 2023's masterpieces, "Baldur's Gate III" has garnered critical acclaim for its immersive gameplay and extensive content that has kept players enthralled. A part of its allure has been the inclusion of mature content, aiming for a realistic portrayal of its fantasy world.

Drawing parallels with Japanese animations that receive additional censoring when released in certain countries, "Baldur's Gate III" will undergo similar content adjustments. The officials have confirmed that they have internally disabled all sexually explicit content from the original version and have significantly reduced some of the violent scenes that could cause discomfort to players, such as scenes depicting torture.

Fans looking forward to the Japanese version should be prepared for a different viewing experience, as these modifications will align with the local ratings and regulatory framework. The move reflects a broader trend in global media, where differing cultural standards and regulatory policies necessitate alterations to content for specific markets.

As "Baldur's Gate III" prepares to enter the Japanese market, this version may offer a unique narrative experience, tailored to meet the local audience's standards and sensibilities. The core essence of the game, celebrated for its liberating gameplay and vast narrative scope, is expected to remain intact, offering an epic gaming experience to the Japanese audience while adhering to the regulatory demands.

Source: Yahoo