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Crusader Kings III Releases Legacy of Persia & 1.11 'Peacock' Free Update

By Xueyang
Nov. 10, 2023 updated 07:54

The much-anticipated 'Legacy of Persia' expansion and the '1.11 Peacock' update for Crusader Kings III are now officially available, as announced in the final development diary for the expansion. These latest additions to the popular strategy game promise to enhance the gaming experience with a focus on the rich history and culture of ancient Persia.

'Legacy of Persia' introduces the Iranian Intermezzo Struggle, a dynamic narrative covering the conflict in Iran between the Caliphate and resurgent Iranian dynasties. Players can engage in this struggle through various decisions or strive for the "Concession" ending. New features include a Dynasty Legacy titled Brilliance, focused on reclaiming Persia's former glory, and a refreshed UI skin for characters of Iranian heritage.

Legacy of Persia - ScreenshotLegacy of Persia - Screenshot

The expansion also boasts new portrait assets like hairstyles, clothes, and beards specific to the Greater Iranian region, alongside a plethora of events, decisions, and interactions. Players will explore new Cultural Traditions and Men at Arms types unique to Iranian culture.

The '1.11 Peacock' update enhances gameplay with numerous free features, including a new bookmark page for Iran in 867, featuring recommended characters and biographies. It introduces House Unity, a new measure of stability within Clan realms, and a revamped system for Clan Vassals and Tax Jurisdictions. Additionally, the update brings a new Court Scholar position, enhancing cultural innovations, and a Master Assassin role for enhancing murder schemes.

Legacy of Persia - ScreenshotLegacy of Persia - Screenshot

Balancing improvements and AI optimizations are part of the update, ensuring a more dynamic and realistic gameplay experience. The update also includes interface enhancements for better gameplay management and a host of new art and audio elements, enriching the visual and auditory experience.

With 'Legacy of Persia' and '1.11 Peacock,' Crusader Kings III continues to expand its historical and cultural reach, offering players an even more immersive and detailed medieval world.