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WBG 3:1 BLG Triumphs in League of Legends S13 Semifinals

By Xueyang
Nov. 11, 2023 updated 08:23

In an intense series at the League of Legends Season 13 (S13) Semifinals, team Weibo Gaming (WBG) secured a landmark victory against Bilibili Gaming (BLG), winning 3-2 and advancing to the S13 Finals for the first time in the team's history.

The first game set the tone for the series, with WBG's TheShy playing Rumble, making significant plays including a double kill in a mid-lane skirmish at 12 minutes and a solo kill against Bin's Aatrox. WBG's coordinated efforts secured them the first victory, despite facing tough resistance from BLG.

In the second game, BLG made a strong comeback, leveraging the Ancient Dragon to even the score. However, WBG regained momentum in the third game with crucial dragon soul team fights and strategic plays, notably from Weiwei’s Poppy and TheShy’s Lucian, pushing the score to 2-1.

WBG 3:1 BLG Battle ReportWBG 3:1 BLG Battle Report

BLG fought back fiercely in the fourth match, utilizing their advantage with a decisive dragon fight and a team wipe against WBG, tying the series at 2-2 and setting the stage for a thrilling final game.

The decisive fifth game witnessed WBG silencing their doubters by winning the crucial team fight and securing their spot in the finals. This victory marks a significant milestone for WBG, propelling them into the spotlight and raising expectations for their performance in the upcoming finals.

The next semifinal match is scheduled for November 12 at 16:00, where JD Gaming (JDG) and T1 will battle for the remaining spot in the S13 Finals.

The League of Legends S13 Finals, now with WBG as a contender, promises to be an event filled with high-level gameplay and intense competition. The gaming community eagerly anticipates what promises to be an unforgettable conclusion to the season.

Source: LoL Esports