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Ubisoft Announces New Skin Marketplace for Rainbow Six Siege in Counter-Strike Style

By Xueyang
Nov. 16, 2023 updated 10:41

Ubisoft Announces New Skin Marketplace for Rainbow Six Siege in Counter-Strike StyleUbisoft Announces New Skin Marketplace for Rainbow Six Siege in Counter-Strike Style

Ubisoft is set to introduce a significant new feature to Rainbow Six Siege – a skin marketplace, reminiscent of the popular system in Counter-Strike. This new platform, currently preparing for a beta launch, will enable players to buy and sell in-game cosmetics, adding a new dimension to the game’s economy.

Named the "Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace," this website will allow Siege players to trade in-game cosmetics using R6 Credits, Siege's premium currency. Transactions can range from $5 to $100, and the marketplace will be accessible via both web browsers and mobile, although Ubisoft has not confirmed its integration with the Siege client or Ubisoft Connect app.

The Siege Marketplace, which is anticipated to fully launch in 2024, will operate solely with R6 Credits. While Ubisoft has not specified whether players will set their own prices for items or if there will be fixed values, the marketplace is expected to be distinct from Ubisoft’s NFT initiative, Quartz.

CS:GO's introduction of a similar marketplace in 2013 significantly boosted its popularity, transforming it into a leading FPS esport and one of the most-played games on Steam. However, it also brought challenges, including issues with gambling and match-fixing, primarily due to third-party grey markets that used automated trading bots. Ubisoft has not yet addressed how it plans to handle potential similar issues.

The Siege community, known for a less intense focus on cosmetic collections compared to Counter-Strike 2 enthusiasts, could see a major shift with this marketplace's introduction. Longtime players of Siege, who have accumulated a wealth of gun skins and operator outfits over the years, might find their collections gaining real monetary value.

However, unlike Steam, where profits from sales can fund future game purchases, earnings in the Siege marketplace will only be usable for purchasing other Siege skins. This distinction raises questions about the potential impact of grey markets, especially considering past issues Valve faced with CS:GO, including a money laundering scheme in 2019.

The upcoming Siege marketplace signals a new era for Rainbow Six Siege, intertwining gaming with digital economy, and potentially altering the dynamics of the game's community and in-game strategies.

Source: PC Gamer