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"20 Minutes Till Dawn" Set to Illuminate Nintendo Switch this December

By Xueyang
Dec. 4, 2023 updated 02:48

Solo game developer Flanne, in partnership with independent publisher Indienova, has announced an exciting development for Nintendo Switch gamers. The survival roguelite game, "20 Minutes Till Dawn," is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch on December 21st, priced at 4.99 USD or equivalent in local currency. Fans eager to dive into this dark, thrilling experience will have the opportunity to pre-order the game starting December 14th.

"20 Minutes Till Dawn" offers a gripping survival challenge set against a backdrop of Lovecraftian horror. Players are tasked with surviving a night besieged by endless hordes of nightmarish creatures. The game combines dynamic building elements with a variety of weapons, runes, and special abilities, allowing players to craft unique, overpowering builds to fend off the onslaught.

20 Minutes Till Dawn - Screenshot20 Minutes Till Dawn - Screenshot

The core of the game lies in its 20-minute gameplay sessions, where players must utilize precise control and strategic thinking to outlast the creatures of the night. Whether igniting monsters with a shotgun, summoning lightning, or wielding magic spears, the game offers a range of combat styles to suit different play preferences.

One of the game's standout features is its active progression system, which carries across all runs. Players can collect Souls to enhance their abilities and unlock a suite of additional characters and weapons, ensuring that each playthrough offers a new and exciting experience. The Rune System and Tomes offer significant upgrades and add depth to the gameplay, while the diverse cast of characters and arsenal of upgradable weapons provide numerous possibilities for crafting the perfect build.

20 Minutes Till Dawn - Screenshot20 Minutes Till Dawn - Screenshot

Indienova, the Beijing-based indie game publisher, has been instrumental in bringing "20 Minutes Till Dawn" to a wider audience. The company, known for supporting indie developers in achieving both quality and profitability in their games, is set to add this title to its impressive portfolio.

Flanne, the solo developer behind the game, brings over five years of game development experience. As an avid gamer himself, Flanne's ambition is to share the joy and excitement he has found in gaming through his own creative endeavors.

20 Minutes Till Dawn - Screenshot20 Minutes Till Dawn - Screenshot

With its unique blend of survival, roguelite elements, and quick play sessions, "20 Minutes Till Dawn" is shaping up to be a must-have for Nintendo Switch players looking for a thrilling, accessible gaming experience.