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"CiGA x Famitsu Dengeki Direct" at WePlay 2023: A Gateway to the Latest Japanese Gaming Updates

By Xueyang
Dec. 6, 2023 updated 06:27

The 2023 WePlay Game Exhibition's main stage featured the "CiGA x Famitsu Dengeki Direct," a series of seven direct events that brought the latest news from popular Japanese games to players. This event included updates on titles such as "FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH," "C.A.R.D.S. RPG The Misty Battlefield," "GRANBLUE FANTASY: Relink," "Master Detective Archives: Rain Code," the "Yakuza" series, "ENDLESS Dungeon," "Persona 5 Tactica," and "Persona 3 Reload."

CiGA x Famitsu Dengeki DirectCiGA x Famitsu Dengeki Direct

Representatives from Famitsu Group, including Katsuhiko Hayashi, and ACQUIRE President Takuma Endo, along with the author of "Master Detective Archives: Rain Code," Kodaka Kazutaka, and producer Sakakibara Shohei, were present at the WePlay main stage. They engaged in lively discussions with players on-site and connected remotely with Japanese developers to facilitate exchanges with the audience.

CiGA x Famitsu Dengeki DirectCiGA x Famitsu Dengeki Direct

For those who missed the live events and broadcasts, the full videos of all seven direct meetings are now available online. These videos offer viewers a chance to catch up on the exciting content and discussions from the "CiGA x Famitsu Dengeki Direct" events. The video compilation can be accessed through the provided Bilibili link.

CiGA x Famitsu Dengeki DirectCiGA x Famitsu Dengeki Direct

Started in 2021, the "CiGA x Famitsu Dengeki Direct" is a collaborative event between the renowned Japanese gaming media Famitsu Dengeki and the China Indie Game Alliance (CiGA). The event aims to share the latest Japanese gaming products and industry news, connect game producers for content sharing, and foster communication and exchange between Japanese games and Chinese users and the industry. This initiative underscores the growing global influence of Japanese gaming and the strengthening ties between the Chinese and Japanese gaming communities.