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Matan Even Receives Trespassing Notice at The Game Awards 2023

By Xueyang
Dec. 8, 2023 updated 05:52

Matan Even, known for his unexpected appearance during last year's The Game Awards (TGA), was reportedly served a trespassing notice at TGA 2023. Even, who gained notoriety for his Bill Clinton remark at the previous year's ceremony, was handed a lifetime trespassing notice from the Peacock Theater, the venue of this year's event.

Speculation about Even's attendance at TGA 2023 had been rife since he hinted at his appearance in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. His post, reading "See You Tomorrow Geoff," sparked a flurry of discussions among fans about potential antics he might pull off at the event. However, TGA 2023 concluded without any significant disruptions, leaving many wondering about Even's whereabouts.

Sharp-eyed viewers spotted Even in the crowd, but it wasn't until after the show that he revealed on X that he had been issued a trespassing notice. According to Even's post, the notice stated he was not authorized to be on the premises of the Peacock Theater, and any future trespassing would result in criminal charges.

The gaming community on X has expressed mixed reactions to the news. Some lamented the missed opportunity for TGA to incorporate Even into the show humorously, while others understood the decision, citing potential issues with sponsors and the show's decorum. The incident has also led to humorous references to actor Timothée Chalamet, who presented the Game Of The Year award at this year's ceremony.

This development suggests that Even, often referred to as the 'Bill Clinton Kid,' may no longer be a part of future TGA events, marking the end of a brief but memorable chapter in the history of The Game Awards.

Source: X