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Tencent Suspends Sales of Extended Warranty Plan for Nintendo Switch

By Xueyang
Dec. 11, 2023 updated 05:36

Tencent has announced the suspension of its extended warranty plan for the Nintendo Switch, effective from December 10, 2023, at 17:00. Initially launched in December 2022, the move to temporarily halt sales comes as part of Tencent's strategy to better adapt to product development and user needs.

The suspension of the extended warranty plan is aimed at allowing Tencent to conduct a thorough review and analysis. The company intends to use this period to develop an enhanced value-added service plan that aligns more closely with the product's features and user experience preferences.

Tencent Suspends Sales of Extended Warranty Plan for Nintendo SwitchTencent Suspends Sales of Extended Warranty Plan for Nintendo Switch

For customers who have already purchased the extended warranty plan before the December 10, 17:00 cutoff, Tencent assures that their rights and benefits will remain unaffected by this suspension.

This decision reflects Tencent's commitment to evolving its services in response to consumer feedback and changing market dynamics. The company has not specified when the extended warranty plan might be reintroduced, but it plans to return with offerings that are more in tune with customer expectations and the distinctive characteristics of the Nintendo Switch.

As one of the leading tech giants in China, Tencent's adjustment in its warranty services for one of the most popular gaming consoles underlines its focus on customer satisfaction and service quality. Customers and industry watchers will be anticipating the future unveiling of Tencent's revised service offerings for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Tencent