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Silent Hill's New Game 'Townfall' Promises 'A Bigger Nightmare Than Anticipated'

By Xueyang
Dec. 28, 2023 updated 11:43

NoCode, the developer of the 'Silent Hill' series, announced on December 26th that new information regarding the latest installment, Silent Hill: Townfall, will be revealed in 2024.

Silent Hill: Townfall is a joint project between Konami, Annapurna Interactive (known for distributing 'Stray' and 'Outer Wilds'), and NoCode. While the details of the game remain under wraps, it is expected to pay homage to the original series while introducing unique elements.

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First announced on October 20th, 2022, through a teaser, Silent Hill: Townfall has since garnered significant attention. In a recent update, NoCode stated on their official X account that the development, bolstered by the addition of new staff, is steadily progressing on what is described as "a bigger nightmare than anticipated." Although unable to share any "signals" (new information) this year, the team has promised to release updates in the coming year.

As development appears to be moving smoothly, fans are encouraged to keep an eye on NoCode's X account for the latest news and updates on Silent Hill: Townfall.

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