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The Last of Us is The Most Pirated TV Show of 2023

By Xueyang
Dec. 29, 2023 updated 12:32

The Last of Us, a game-adaptation TV series currently preparing for its second season, has been reported by international media as the most pirated TV show of 2023.

The Last of Us - Game ScreenshotThe Last of Us - Game Screenshot

The live-action adaptation of The Last of Us, which gained popularity and was awarded Best Adaptation at The Game Awards 2023, has been highlighted by international media for its high rate of piracy. According to an analysis based on sample data of BitTorrent traffic recorded by TorrentFreak, the live-action TV series The Last of Us was the most downloaded show in 2023. Following closely were other series like 'The Mandalorian' and 'Loki,' indicating a trend where top-ranking shows are predominantly from subscription services.

The Last of Us - TV SeriesThe Last of Us - TV Series

TorrentFreak noted that shows streamed on Netflix tend to have fewer downloads, suggesting a prevalent behavior of subscribing to one service and pirating content from others. They also emphasized that current piracy often involves streaming sites, meaning these rankings only represent a fraction of the total piracy activities.

While The Last of Us is generating buzz for its upcoming second season, the rampant illegal viewing could potentially impact its budget and even jeopardize future projects. Importantly, downloading videos illegally, even when aware of their illegality, is a crime. Viewers are encouraged to watch dramas through legitimate means only.

Source: GameSpark