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Chinese Chess Champion's Title Revoked Amid Unorthodox Scandal

By Xueyang
Dec. 30, 2023 updated 06:09

Chinese Chess Champion's Title Revoked Amid Unorthodox ScandalChinese Chess Champion's Title Revoked Amid Unorthodox Scandal

In a bizarre turn of events, Yan Chenglong, a 48-year-old Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) champion, was stripped of his title following an unconventional celebration and allegations of cheating. The controversy erupted after Chenglong's victory in a major tournament in Hainan Province on December 17, where he was awarded 100,000 CNY (approximately 14,150 USD).

The incident, which has captured widespread attention, occurred the morning after Chenglong's triumph. Hotel staff reported that Chenglong defecated in a bathtub, an act deemed to have violated public order and morals. However, the story took an even stranger twist when accusations surfaced about Chenglong's alleged use of an anal massaging device during the tournament. It was claimed that this device was used to transmit data about the chessboard to a remote computer, guiding Chenglong's moves.

Yan Chenglong Gets His Title RevokedYan Chenglong Gets His Title Revoked

The Chinese Xiangqi Association (CXA) responded by disqualifying Chenglong from participating in any Chinese chess competitions for a year, stripping him of his championship, and demanding the forfeiture of part of his earnings. In their statement, the CXA cited the inability to prove the cheating allegations but condemned Chenglong's actions as damaging to the reputation of the sport.

Magnus Carlsen & Hans Niemann (Right)Magnus Carlsen & Hans Niemann (Right)

This scandal echoes a similar accusation in the United States, where Grandmaster Hans Niemann was alleged to have used a rectal insertable device to defeat World Champion Magnus Carlsen in 2022, highlighting an unusual trend in chess where players are suspected of employing unconventional methods to secure victories.