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Ubisoft’s Rabbids: Party of Legends Releasing in the West on June 30

By Cecil Gao
May. 13, 2022 updated 04:13

Ubisoft has confirmed in its 2021 financial report released on May 12 that it will release Rabbids: Party Legends in the Western gaming market on June 30. The game was released exclusively in China in August last year and will be available on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox and Stadia after its release.

Rabbids: Adventure Party is a four-player, co-op party game that is based on the most famous Chinese novel Journey to the West. In the game, Ubisoft's classic Rabbids characters travel back in time to ancient China and embark on a brand new journey. The game has a very strong Chinese mythology art style, and players can play as Rabbids dressed up as characters from Journey to the West and play a variety of mini-games with their friends. Notably, all of the mini-games are named after stories in Journey to the West, allowing players to enjoy the charm of this classic Chinese novel as they play.

Ubisoft has not yet revealed more details about the game's release in the Western market, and some sources say the game will be released both physically and digitally, yet the price remains unknown.