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HoYoverse’s New Action Game Zenless Zone Zero Has Released Its First Trailer

By Cecil Gao
May. 13, 2022 updated 01:35

Just now, Zenless Zone Zero’s official account has released the first trailer of the game. Unlike the previous speculation by HoYoverse fans, Zenless Zone Zero is not an open-world TPS mobile game but an action game similar to Honkai Impact III.

The trailer does not reveal the detailed world-building of the game but focuses on some playable characters. The characters shown were divided into different forces by color and are most likely hired to solve the sub-hollow disaster mentioned in the trailer.

Like Honkai Impact III, each character uses a different weapon to fight their enemies and has a unique ultimate ability that will turn the tide of battle with devastating power. The enemy forces appeared at the end of the trailer. However, their name and details around them still remain unclear, but we can observe from the trailer that they are a group of cyborg monsters generated by the hollow disaster.

In tandem with the trailer release, HoYoverse announced that there would be a tuning test for Zenless Zone Zero globally on IOS and PC; the sign-up has already begun. Check out the link for further information: HoYoVerse