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Rocksteady Studios Partially Lifts NDA on Suicide 'Squad Kill the Justice League'

By Xueyang
Jan. 14, 2024 updated 04:39

Rocksteady Studios Partially Lifts NDA on Suicide Squad Kill the Justice LeagueRocksteady Studios Partially Lifts NDA on Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

As the release of 'Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League' draws near, Rocksteady Studios has made a significant move by partially lifting the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) imposed on its Closed Alpha Test players. This decision allows eager fans to get a glimpse of what to expect from the highly anticipated action-adventure game.

Back in November, Rocksteady Studios conducted a Closed Alpha Test for the game. Participants, bound by an NDA, were restricted from sharing their experiences. However, with growing anticipation and requests from the community, the developer has now relaxed this policy, permitting players to openly discuss their gameplay experiences.

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This change in stance comes after considerable feedback from both the gaming community and industry professionals. Prominent figures like Del Walker, a former Rocksteady developer, and Destin Legarie from IGN, voiced support for lifting the NDA, highlighting the value of player perspectives alongside media previews.

While the alpha testers are now free to share their thoughts and experiences, they are still prohibited from posting any images or videos from the Closed Alpha Test. The relaxation of the NDA has been met with enthusiasm from the gaming community, with many applauding Rocksteady's decision to embrace transparency.

Our preview of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League revealed a game brimming with personality and a diverse cast of characters, each offering unique playstyles. As fans await the game's release, this move by Rocksteady Studios not only builds excitement but also provides a richer, more varied understanding of what the game will offer.

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Source: PCGamesN