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Vampire Survivors in 2024: Online Co-op, Cross-Save Beta, and More

By Xueyang
Jan. 14, 2024 updated 04:00

Vampire Survivors in 2024: Online Co-op, Cross-Save Beta, and MoreVampire Survivors in 2024: Online Co-op, Cross-Save Beta, and More

The developer behind the hit game Vampire Survivors, Poncle, has kicked off 2024 with a flurry of exciting announcements and updates. In a new post on Steam, the team reflected on a momentous 2023 and teased a jam-packed schedule for the new year, including developments in online co-op and cross-save functionalities.

After a year that saw the introduction of couch co-op, new game modes, free updates, a Switch version, two paid expansions, and an animated TV series in the pipeline, Poncle isn't slowing down. A major focus for the team is the online co-op mode, a feature that has been under investigation since September last year. Despite the challenges in integrating online multiplayer into such a content-rich yet minimalist game, Poncle remains optimistic, although cautious about making any definitive promises.

In addition to online co-op, Poncle is also gearing up to release a beta version of the much-anticipated cross-save feature between Steam and Android platforms in February. This follows extensive testing and compliance with global data protection laws.

The upcoming 1.9 content update, now known as Space 54, promises to bring performance and quality of life improvements. Poncle's "Chaos Roadmap" hints at numerous free updates, with intriguing titles like House, West Woods, and Laborratory, ensuring a continued stream of fresh content.

Lastly, Poncle is venturing into collaborative territory with The Vampire Survivors Experiment, partnering with other indie developers on Vampire Survivors-related projects. While these are still in the experimental phase, they underscore Poncle's commitment to innovation and community engagement.

2024 looks to be another landmark year for Vampire Survivors, as Poncle continues to expand and refine its unique gaming universe.

Source: Eurogamer