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Featured Cosplay EP24: A-SOUL

By Iris Zhong
May. 13, 2022 updated 10:00

Amid the rumors and speculation around Carol's sudden graduation, it is still worth highlighting some of the great things to come from A-SOUL, including these beautiful cosplay of the Vtuber Idol Group from Zhijiang.

Carol: 艾西Aiwest
Source: Weibo Weibo Weibo

A-SOUL Carol CosplayA-SOUL Carol Cosplay

Eileen: 宮森葵_Aoi
Photographer: 紫镜
Source: 半次元

A-SOUL Eileen CosplayA-SOUL Eileen Cosplay

Diana: 桃濑衣衣
Photographer: 鸭梨_ARIA
Source: Weibo

A-SOUL Diana CosplayA-SOUL Diana Cosplay

Diana: 紫氯氯
Source: Weibo

A-SOUL Diana Cosplay

A-SOUL Diana Cosplay

Bella: Dakki
Source: Weibo

A-SOUL Bella Cosplay

A-SOUL Bella Cosplay

Ava: Yuki
Source: Twitter Bilibili Bilibili

A-SOUL Ava CosplayA-SOUL Ava Cosplay