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Martial Arts RPG Legends of Mortal Will Release Its Demo on May 27th

By Cecil Gao
May. 16, 2022 updated 07:10

After releasing the game's trailer on May 5th, Obb Studio announced today that the demo of their martial arts RPG Legend of Mortal will be available on May 27th. According to Obb, although the game is not yet finished, players can still experience all the core gameplay and mechanics in the demo version.

The game depicts a chaotic world of martial arts, where players will play as a disciple of Tang Men, a famous martial arts school in decline. As a poor and lowly disciple, the player will need to do their best to learn martial arts while under constant attack by the school’s enemies and eventually revitalize Tang Men.

Legends of Mortal uses turn-based combat, where players can choose to use weapons and the martial arts moves they have learned during their turn. The game also has large-scale wars between schools, where players need to dodge enemies’ fire on the battlefield and control the members of the school to defeat their opponents and achieve victory.

In addition to the traditional leveling system and the school management system, Legends of Mortal has created a “destiny” system that allows players to experience unexpected and random events. Players may be injured in an accident while practicing martial arts, or traitors may assassinate them in the school. Of course, it is more likely for players to pick up secret scriptures that have long-lost skills in them. In the world of Legends of Mortal, you never know what will happen next on your martial arts journey.