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Persona 2 & 4 Remasters Rumor to be in Works at Atlus

By Xueyang
Feb. 8, 2024 updated 05:17

According to insider sources, Atlus is reportedly developing remasters for its beloved JRPG titles, Persona 2 and Persona 4. The Persona 2 remaster, dubbed 'P2 Redemption,' is said to be a comprehensive package including both parts of the original game, enhanced with a new translation and various quality-of-life improvements. This remaster is targeting a wide range of platforms, including the upcoming Switch 2 and the next-gen Xbox, signaling Atlus's intention to broaden its audience.

While the Persona 2 project is described as a remaster rather than a full remake, it represents a significant update to the classic game. Fans can expect 'P2 Redemption' to launch either just before the release of Persona 6 or in the following year, indicating a relatively near-term release window.

On the other hand, the potential remake of Persona 4 appears to be in a more nascent stage. Insiders claim that this project is "years away" and has not yet entered production. The distinction between the Persona 2 remaster's imminent approach and the more distant prospect of a Persona 4 remake underscores Atlus's phased strategy in revisiting its iconic series.

Fans of the Persona series should stay tuned for official announcements from Atlus regarding these exciting projects.

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