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U9 Game Delisted from Shanghai Stock Exchange for Unprofitability

By Weilin Li
May. 18, 2022 updated 09:43

On April 29th, Shanghai U9 Game met the delisting threshold for the second year after releasing its annual report for 2021.

It saw a net loss in 2021, and the revenues were less than 100 million CNY.

It received a final decision to delist from the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the same day. The last trade day will be June 15th.

The company went public in December 1990. Its valuation once reached 30 billion CNY in 2015, in sharp contrast to the valuation of less than 900 million CNY on April 29th.

U9 Game is one of the larger mobile developer-publisher, created games like Dynasty War, Hot Blood, and The Tank.

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